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3D Printing Process Flow


Production Flow

1. Do Production Setting Based On The Order Drawing

Working with the 3d manage program

 NO. Process 
1 Product size review (whether to parting depends on the size)
2 Do modeling optimization in magics program
3 Angle adjustment for different plane
4 Set & adjust support structure

2. 3D Printer Setting

Transfer the programmed data from pc to the printer. finished platform setting then do the equipment setting.

 NO. Process
1 Check the applicator
2 Check resin material of the printer
3 Set the distance between laser and resin

3. Production

After finishing all the settings, start the production

 NO. Process
1 Set support structure
2 Laser harden resin to create the product
3 Maintain the flatness of the resin material while the applicator is running
4 Platform goes down 0.1mm each time layer by layer during printing

4. Product Clean-Up

The surface resin clean-up process for printed product

 NO. Process
1 Put the product in auto bubble cleaning machine filled with tpm to clean it

5. Remove Support & Clean-Up

Clean the product with water to remove the oil of tpm after remove the support

 NO. Process
1 Remove support and clean it with water
2 Do after-treatment of 3d printed product
3 If there are resin remain on the surface after clean-up, use ipa to remove them.

6. UV Curing

Put the product in uv curing equipment to harden it

 NO. Process
1 Check the 3D printed product in the UV curing equipment every 5 minutes
2 Do after-treatment after uv curing