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Business Process


Manufacturing Process

Establishment of design & manufacturing process (product development)

Based on the drawings ordered, manufacturing process is set up after the application of elongation of each material, the welding and post-processing plan is prepared in consideration of work development process.

NO. Description of process
1 Review product quality & size; Establish manufacturing process
2 Review welding & post-processing plan
3 Develop in consideration of elongation and hardness (3D Modeling ▷ 2D DATA)

Quick Delivery Making

With the use of such dies as EMBO and BEAD/HOOK, a shape to mold is analyzed. Based on 3D data, a quick delivery mold is designed.

NO. Description of process
1 Classify the parts for die shape, such as EMBO, BEAD / HOOK / BENDING.
2 Make LAY-OUT of a quick delivery mold to implement the classified shape.
3 Design detailed parts and Plats in relevant dies.


The data programmed in PC are sent to equipment, and after setting of each material, Laser Cutting process is performed.In the case of the thin plates featuring easy heat deflection and the parts requiring high density, wire cutting process is performed instead.

NO. Description of process
1 Perform the 1st product cutting process, and other cutting process by purposes, including quick delivery mold plate, quick delivery mold punch, and jig making.
2 Reclassify the 1st classified cutting parts by material and thickness.
3 Use a relevant program to set up each conditional value and do cutting programing.

Quick Delivery Mold Design

The process is aimed at making a quick delivery mold for product shape

NO. Description of process
1 Make a quick delivery mold for such shapes as EMBO, and BEAD / HOOK
2 LApply 3D shape to the punch and plate parts cut by Laser cutting or Wire cutting process.
3 Grind each part and assemble die by referring to the quick delivery mold design drawing.
4 Check that the upper and lower plates of the assembled die are connected well.

Press Casting

In the process, the quick delivery mold made is used to apply press-casting of shape to the 1st cut product.

NO. Description of process
1 Install the back base for flatness calibration in the relevant oil-hydraulic press.
2 Position the 1st cut product in between the upper and lower plates of the quick delivery mold.
3 Put alignment pins on the base holes of the product and the quick delivery mold.
4 Set up loading velocity and loading time, and the operate press to pressurize the product.

2nd Laser Cutting

In the process, among the products that completed the 1st Laser Cutting and Pressing, piercing & stud-press-fitting holes are cut in the regions with such steps as Embo and bead.

NO. Description of process
1 Put the JIG exclusively made to settle down product, and fix alignment pins to each base hole.
2 Set up Laser output conditions according to material specifications.
3 Send the programmed data to equipment for laser cutting.
4 Use the Laser cutting equipment that has product detection sensor installed and make automatic transfer in Z axis.


In the process, Bending machine is used to make bending shape of product.

NO. Description of process
1 Mark the bending region on the basis of product design drawing, and set the bending order in consideration of the changes in flatness and dimensions
2 Install bending punch & die in equipment according to bending shape.
3 Set up bending values and put product to pressurize.
4 Independently inspect the dimensions and flatness of product every bending time, and repeat calibration to implement a shape

Welding & Grinding

mock-up Welding & grinding process is applied to the regions that have difficulty with die shape or are needed to connect to product.

NO. Description of process
1 Make possible electric welding, oxygen welding, argon welding, CO2 welding, and Laser welding according to the agreed specifications, product quality, and product shape.
2 Make grinding in each product manufacturing step for the purposes of correction of product dimensions, correction of external appearance, and Burr removal

Post-processing (Burring TAP / PEM NUT Press Fitting, etc.)

As an additional process for the shape in product specifications, there are various processes, including Tapping, Burring, and Stud press-fitting.

NO. Description of process
1 Do tapping using Tapping Machine.
2 Do burring using Burring Machine.
2 Use press fitting machine to connect a variety of separately made (purchase of standard product & lathe processing) to product


In the process, external appearance treatments such as painting, plating, and printing are performed according to specifications of product.

NO. Description of process
1 Determine post-processing treatment of external appearance according to discussed design specifications.
2 Make possible post-processing treatments, including painting, plating, anodizing, and silk-printing

Dimension Measurement & Packing

Measurement of the dimensions of the finished product and product packing

NO. Description of process
1 Check that the dimensions of the finished product and post-processing specifications are equal to those described in the ordered drawing.
2 Packing item by time to prevent product deformation in transport for delivery.