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Scanning Flow

1. Select An Object to Be Scanned

Disassemble the object piece by piece


2. Scanning Object Piece by Piece

3D Scanning(Equipment: Aicon SmartScan)

Machine Information
– Scanning Field of View: 60mm ~ 1,200mm
– Resolution: 265 (µm)
– Accuracy: ±72 (µm)

Scan Method
Put object on the turntable one by one, the turntable will rotate to the pre-set value, and scanner could get its data from different angle to generate one mesh data.


3. Scaning Program

Professional Program for 3D Scanner

Program extract scanned objects’ data from scanner and finish modeling


4. Do Reverse Engineering Based on Mesh Data

After finishing Reverse Engineering, create a Surface and a Solid model to embody it.

Compare Mesh Data and Solid Data then analysis and modify them. (Comparison tolerance ±0.05mm)


5. 3D Modeling Data Assembly

Move and fix data of different coordinates to absolute coordinates

Check overlap points between every part and correct them when rotating and assembling

Apply tolerance value for assembly area

Modify it within Machining available range if the final material is changed


6. 3D Modeling Data Assembly

Do product rendering through the program and verificate pre-image

Pre-analysis and sorting of after-treatment by rendering image